1465785_735981899765055_1920782024_o“Absolutely Fabulated” presents films that fabulate, that invent worlds in the filmmaking, that create new truths by falsifying others. At regular meetings, we’ll screen a feature film, related short films, and discuss various notions of fabulation and falsification.

Join us for our first screening to collectively fabulate this screening series into existence, deciding on further films to watch and texts to read. We are watching GREY GARDENS and reading a short text by Gilles Deleuze entitled “What is the Creative Act?”


deutsch-poster-2.jpgMultimedia artists and filmmakers Gustav Deutsch and Hanna Schimek will discuss their new film Shirley – Visions of Reality (2013). The master class will be accompanied by an installation, running 12-5pm daily from 15 to 19 October in the Moving Image Research Laboratory (Leacock 46B)


222Data Salon: 02 with Alexandre Larose / Paul Raphaël & Félix Lajeunesse – Eastern Bloc Center for New Media and Interdisciplinary Art

In conjunction with “Looking through time,” Eastern Bloc will be hosting a Data Salon with filmmakers Alexandre Larose and the duo Paul Raphaël & Félix Lajeunesse. The Data Salon series is designed to provide emerging artists with a venue through which to present recent projects, or work-in-progress, and to gain immediate feed back from the interested public. Alexandre Larose will be presenting and performing a four-channel 16mm experimental film installation titled Aller/Retour. Larose performs the installation by running a single loop of film through all four projectors. Constantly monitoring the tension in the loop, Larose lets the film cascade across four frames, each image lagging slightly behind the other.  Paul Raphaël & Félix Lajeunesse will be presenting a 3D video titled Kobe shot in Igloolik, Nunavut. A contemplative portrait of daily life, Kobe uses stereoscopic 3D to create moving image tableau with depths and volumes that fluctuate and emerge as the eye wanders through fixed long shots. Data Salon: 02 will open on November 28, 2013 at 7 PM with presentations and a performance at 8 PM. For further event details see Eastern Bloc.

The “Looking Through Time” symposium is sponsored by the Moving Image Research Laboratory, Media and Urban Life Research Project (FQRSC), McGill Department of Philosophy, McGill Department of English, Media@McGill, and Dean of Arts Development Fund.



Looking Through Time: Temporality and Presence Effects in Recent Moving Image Arts – Moving Image Research Lab, McGill University

Looking through time is a one-day event designed to foster a focused investigation of how moving image technologies alter the subjective experience of time. Graduate students from three Montreal Universities will deliver papers and workshop research projects.  Topics include the viewing subject’s temporal orientation in relation to the unfolding of television narratives, imbrications of memory, cinematic materiality, and embodied experience in contemporary art, and the mnemonics and circulation of repertoires of violence in digital games and documentary film. Alexandre Larose will also present his 35mm experimental film Brouillard (c. 2011-2012), a work exploring the sedimentation of movement in celluloid.

The Moving Image Research Lab will host the event on Friday November 30th from 12:30pm to 5:30pm, with a 5 à 7 to follow.  Registration for the event is free and will include coffee, mid-afternoon snacks, and a catered reception.  Please email mirl.events@gmail.com in order to reserve your place.  Participants are welcome to gather for coffee at 12:00pm in room B55F (basement) of McGill’s Arts Building.  The presentations begin at 12:30pm in room B46D (basement) McGill’s Leacock Building.  Attendees are also encouraged to attend Data:Salon II at Eastern Bloc (November 28th at 7pm, with a performance at 8pm) for a presentation and discussion of works by the artists involved in “Looking through time”. The full program is available at here.